You know what I mean. It has happened to you. You are just walking along having a great day, then out of nowhere, FWHAP! Pie to the face! Someone else gets triggered and snaps at you or takes personally something you do or say. Some pies hurt more than others or come at us with a lot more force, and those can really hurt.

If you haven’t done something intentionally to hurt that person then maybe their pie is just a projection of their hurt onto you. It may be their pain that needs healing and you just happened to walk into the meringue. You can’t fix that.

If you get hurt by the pie, you may ask why? Or if, like me today, pies just seem to be flying at you left and right, you may ask yourself if you’re doing something to be a pie magnet.

Then again, maybe pie just happens. It may not be anything more than sour lemon custard on an otherwise wonderful day where you get caught in the line of some clown’s fire. Don’t dismay!

You can’t escape the pie. You could try, and go hide somewhere to avoid getting hit, but then you’d just miss out on the greatest gift we have to give each other. Human connection.

If you woke up on the wrong side of the bed today and feel triggered to throw some pie, try and remember it might be loaded with more than you realize. And if you are the receiver of the pie, try not to throw it back at someone else.

Silver lining? At least the meringue is sweet.

Pie happens!