Regardless of what you call it, we are all moving forward on some kind of path or journey either of our own design or that of our higher power. Personally, I find the less I impose my own control, the better. Life goes much more easily when I let go of the need to be in charge and instead just go with the flow.

The spiritual path I have invited you to join me on this year has a map of sorts. The markers of which are my daily meditation, sometimes being in nature, and nearly every day breathing through being present and in the moment, taking things as they come to me.

Some days are easier than others, and the challenging ones can be pretty difficult to get through. Still, I breathe and try to stay positive reminding myself that my feelings based on my thoughts may mislead me if they come from a place of ego or fear versus love.

You may ask me, “What’s the path leading to? What’s your plan or goal, your destination?” Good question. Answer? I have no idea. Is that insane? Nope, not to me. Why? Because I have faith that the energy I am putting into the environment is one that will continue to draw me closer and closer to those things that will provide for me all my needs, and more than I could ever want or imagine I want.

In my meditation, I call to the Holy Spirit to guide me and keep me on my path. Do you have to believe in God? Nope. But I find it sure helps when I do, and when I trust the Spirit to move me in the right direction. I have never been disappointed. Never.

Regardless of your faith, or lack thereof, you are on a journey. Today, think about what guides you on this journey. Are you so sure you know what is best for you? Yes? Then how are you pursuing that path? The way depends on the methods you choose to go it. Choose wisely.

And with every day and everything you encounter remember to Pause and Go Gently.


Today, this is how my journey looks.