Some days what I share may make complete sense to the listener of my journey videos on the YouTube playlist called Pause and Go Gently for my podcast My Front Porch, and some days not so much. Today felt like the latter, but it could be “both”. That is the approach I am taking to life this year. Because I have become so open and aware, I am attempting to see the world through a vision of sameness and unity more than one versus the other.

What if I could remove the black and white lens and instead apply a more psychedelic one that allowed me to see all the facets of a situation? What more could I learn from that situation to become a better and more whole person?

My new awareness of the internal, thank you 2020 for all you gave me, has helped me focus more on my ego and the role it plays in my life daily. I’m still human and will always have feelings that will sometimes reflect anger or hurt, disappointment or dissatisfaction. What I do with those feelings, however, is my choice. Do I allow them to create a reaction in me whereby I place myself as a victim and retaliate against my attacker? Do I let them ruin my day? Can I see the things that happen to me as gifts even when my ego’s perception of them might tell me otherwise?

If I can see them as gifts, then I am able to view them from a “both” perspective. Yes, that really hurt, but that hurt jettisoned me to a new awareness of myself I would not have otherwise experienced. Now I am grateful for that event and instead of allowing the frustration to ruin my health or torment me with future pain, I am healing. It’s quite beautiful actually, the peace I feel when I can simply pause and step back to gain a clearer view.

Physics teaches us that our perception is not based on any reality. Nothing is separate. We are all a part of the one universe. When I am in disagreement about something, this thought comforts me. It allows me to see the other person or event with compassion. I show the same compassion to myself by healing, and in my love for the other perhaps I help them heal.

There is ample proof in science that despite our many differences, at our core we are unified. Only the ego, which loves conflict and thrives on our unhappiness would attempt to make us feel separate.

These ideas are what make me go more gently now instead of reacting from my thoughts and feelings. That sense of oneness and connection bring me a peace that passeth all understanding, including my own.

Can a cat be a furry friend AND a man-eating Tiger? Yep!