Surrounded by a multitude of others we can still feel disconnected, and these days that feeling is more the norm than the exception. That is why it is so important that we show compassion for anyone we know that may feel alone or be unaware that they are still connected even if not physically. Call, Zoom, write a letter or a postcard to or better go visit someone you care about today and reconnect. And now I will share a lyrical composition on how I feel about connection.

Connection Is… and More

Connection is being in a crowd of like-minded people.

More, it is the passion I feel when I care deeply about something.

Connection is listening to my favorite music, my body vibing to the rhythm,

Notes high and low tickling my ears.

More, how I feel the tempo of every beat; a vibration in my chest.

Connection is walking through the woods, a gentle breeze blowing,

Hearing the rustle of leaves, smelling the earthiness the wind stirs in the air.

More, the electricity I sense, the frequency each living thing on my path resonates,

Tingling up through my own skin.

Connection is petting a furry friend, cuddled in my lap, purring softly beneath my touch.

More, that feeling of comfort and security my touch must provide this simple creature, and knowing that.

Connection is a child’s innocent hand in mine as they look up to me for guidance on how to be human.

More, the understanding that I can be trusted to provide it.

Connection is eating a delicious meal prepared by loving hands with unconditional care,

And the only desire, to feed me.

More, it is the luscious taste of flavors in my mouth, texture and temperature sensations,

A fullness in my stomach, nourishment, satisfaction.

Connection is a dance with your favorite partner, their eyes locked on you, a solid compression in their touch

Delicate enough to allow you space while pulling you closer into a warm embrace.

More, the very essence of an intimate chemistry you both share 

As you move and sway together in that brief moment.

Connection is this place I am being present in; so alive in every experience, every sensation,

Every moment, every physical breath.

But more, it is how I feel with myself at my core, in this still centered space

That I share with no one else,

And yet still feel…connected.

I feel connected! Do You?